Bongs for Sale

Bongs are one of the most popular ways to smoke tobacco and herbs today and for good reasons. One of the reason is that of the presence of water filtration system which helps to filter and cools down the smoke, so it is easier on your lungs. A bong provides a higher comfort level which cannot be provided by the traditional smoking pipes. Our online shop has a lot of bongs for sale and will provide every smoker with his choice of glass water pipe they need. The water placed within the bong helps to provide an enjoyable yet potent smoking experience. By placing water at the base of the bong, the smoker makes use of the water filtration system available within the bong.


Bongs have several working parts making it the most complex smoking mechanisms, and it creates the smoking experience you will always love. The bowl below the bong holds the dry herb like in any other smoking contraption before smoking. Debris is also prevented by an ash catcher to prevent remains from entering the base chamber of the bong.

There are many benefits of the bong. One of which is that you have a cooler smoke temperature when using a bong (hot smoke is worse for your lungs). Bongs make it easy to remove toxins from the smoke making it safer all around. The taste of the smoke from a bong is smoother when compared with other smoking methods. However, you will be able to inhale a more natural smoke without paper or extra smoking mixes when using a bong.

History of Bongs

The word “bong” can be traced back to during the Vietnam War in the United States. Soldiers staying at the military bases in Thailand heard the locals calling bamboo water pipes “baungs." The real word "bong" was said to appear in January of 1971 when a letter was published with a man thanking the other saying "he made a beautiful bong for my pipe collection." The bongs were discovered by Russian excavations that turned up a gold bong that was used by Scythian tribal chiefs. These bongs were found in a mound of soil and rocks placed over a wooden burial chamber called the Kurgan. The date recorded for the site was found to be 2,400 years ago. This was the earliest record that the water pipe was used.

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