Bongs Under $100

Cheap Bongs

When it comes to buying a cheap bong, many people think that they will get pipe which may be temporary and will not last long! However, this is not the case here. Our cheap bongs may not be as impressive or strong as the others, but they are sure to last for a very long time before you can even think of changing them. When our customers visit us for cheaper bongs, we provide them with plenty of choices to choose from – these ranges from those produced with many materials such as plastic and glass.

Don't Overspend

A lot of people end up spending as much as hundreds of pounds on bongs! Of course, it is good! But why not go for something cheap that can do the same thing? You can get some expensive bongs your budget is high. But did you know you can spend a little amount of money and still have an impressive bong to show off to your friends?

Low Price But High Quality

We may call them cheap bongs based on their price, but you can be sure to have the same premium quality as others. They come in an array of diverse sizes and fantastic shapes and are the great addition to any collection. You can now spend what you like based on your budget on a bong or water pipe – thanks to huge advances in technology.

There are several collections of cheap bongs here which are gorgeous, hand-made glass pieces with filtration systems and intricate percolators from the world's top fantastic glass manufacturers. You can buy as many cheap bongs as you want here as there are many types you can go for at a low price. No matter your budget, you can always find your size. When you go for a cheap bong, you will never break your bank, and you will be on the right level. Visit now to take a look at our cheap bongs.